borse ynot primavera 2018

Ynot spring bags 2018: my new look-mate for the next season!

by veryfp

Ynot spring bags 2018: my new look-mate for the next season! Good morning dear friend! Bags, bags and even bags! I adore them, they are one of my greatest passions!

I’m honest, I prefer them even compared to a jewel. I do not know if you share this too, a beautiful jewel is always appreciated, but love is love! For me the bags are a great love. Above all, as far as I’m concerned, a good bag does not necessarily have an exorbitant cost. There are beautiful ones that cost thousands of Euros and other much, much less.

Ynot spring bags 2018: my new look-mate for the next season!

What should hit me immediately on a bag? Its shape, the way of it is structured. Small or big it does not matter, it must be love at first sight. If it remain in my head for the next three days, then I understand that is right for me! All this happened with the bag you see today in this post, my new Ynot?

A medium-sized bag with a white, black handle and shoulder strap like the side wings. Needless to repeat that it was love immediately! The colored variations are just beautiful, but I find this version extremely versatile, perfect for my needs and my proposed looks. It will often be the star of my outfits for the upcoming months, so I will know you can invent many other matching ideas. For now I leave you with the photos of the outfit that I propose you today, casual as I like it.

Let me know what you think of my new Ynot spring 2018 and leave a comment below, I would be very pleased! Now I send you a big kiss and I always look forward to see you here at the next post!

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bag: Ynot?

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