Women floral jacket: a perfect outfit for every day!

by Thursday, June 7, 2018

Women’s floral jacket: a perfect outfit for every day! Good morning! New post and new idea of look on my fashion blog! A perfect look to wear every day, for work or leisure.

What is the main garment of today’s look? A flowered jacket by Kocca,  very lightweight!!! Discover it by looking the photos below as I wanted to combine this item of the new collection. I hope this post will inspire you for your next June looks.

Women’s floral jacket: a perfect outfit for every day!

The summer will be full of color and prints, we understood it. As we understood that red will be the protagonist throughout the summer and even more! (remember that we will have a fall – winter full of color!) You saw me wearing this color even in some previous posts, and I think a touch of red will happily accompany us looks for the whole summer 2018!

Give me a jacket and make me happy, who has been following me for some time knows it well. If I then combine it with a pair of jeans it will really be the best, just the kind of look I like to wear for work and even in my free time. In this specific case I also matched a pair of chanel with 5 cm heel for a more feminine love effect, but you know I do not dislike a nice pair of sneakers to match this kind of outfit!

The jacket you can see in the photos could also be matched to trousers with the same print. I preferred to break the suit and match this jacket with a light jeans. What do you think about it? Let me know if you like this look and leave a comment below. I send you a kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

women's floral jacketwomen's floral jacketwomen's floral jacketwomen's floral jacket

blazer: Kocca

shoes: Mango

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