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Trench coat spring 2018: how to wear it and where to buy it!

by veryfp

Trench coat spring 2018: how to wear it and where to buy it! Good morning and well met dear friend! When spring comes and the temperatures begin to get milder, which garment of the closet cannot do without? Trench!

A timeless garment, a true must have for spring! A very versatile and easy to wear garment. Do you like? I love it and I do not hide that I have several in the wardrobe! In today’s post I want to propose some very interesting models to buy now!

Trench coat spring 2018: how to wear it and where to buy it!

The most fashionable combination at the moment is with jeans. Surely among the simplest, but from the result with the unique style assured. The version to choose from is certainly the one in the classic beige, with a more or less clear tone. Even the black or military green versions will be perfect to keep in the wardrobe. I have all three of course, but I have more than one beige variant. It is a garment that I love because it is perfect for casual dress, as I like it. In short, we are really talking about something that has virtually eternal life in the closet, hardly undergoes fashion and does not fear seasonal trends. It is often taken by the stylists, revised and corrected in the fabrics and colors, but the classic version is always the winner! Burberry has made the trench coat his iconic garment. It is much loved by major brands such as Prada or Valentino and is a very often present in many collections that we see parading fashion weeks around the world during the streets.

With the post today I propose some models that you can directly buy by clicking on the image of the model you prefer and that you see below. I just have to wish you good shopping and send you a big hug! Let’s see you at the next post!

trench coat spring trench coat spring

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