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Tapestry trend: when the upholstery fabric becomes chic!

by veryfp

Tapestry trend: when the upholstery fabric becomes chic! Good morning! In today’s fashion theme post I wear fantastic upholstery fabric coat to say the least!!! The brand? Ultràchic!

A flared, enveloping and upholstered fabric coat that has wonderful design and color tones. You have just understand that I am in love, right?

Tapestry trend: today I wear an Ultràchic coat

I have already shown you in some shots on social media and you loved it. This Ultràchic coat has conquered you too.

It must be said that this type of fabrics, disappeared for a while from our wardrobes, has come back for the winter 2019 as a major trend, especially as regards the overcoat.

The essential thing is knowing how to find the right mix between fabric, decoration and shades of color used for the garment chosen to wear.

The coat I wear in the photos that I propose today, in my opinion, is the perfect balance of what was said above.

Combined with a simple look made of minimal garments, it has been able to give the extra touch to create a refined, wearable and trendy outfit!

Needless to say, this return to brocades, damask and velvet brings us back to a sophisticated style from the past, but revised and corrected to be well placed in a more modern context of the day in terms of clothing.

Another factor not to be missed is the versatility of this type of garments, considered by many to be perfect only for certain occasions. I do not think so and above all it is not like that. The Ultrachic coat would be ideal for a daytime context or for an evening look.

Now it is your turn dear friend. Leave a comment and tell me what you think of this trend and the coat I wear! I send you a kiss and I will wait for you at the next post!

Tapestry trendTapestry trendTapestry trendTapestry trend

cappotto: Ultràchic

borsa: Ynot?

cappello: H&M

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