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T-shirt trend 2018: return of the logo and models to choose!

by veryfp

T-shirt trend 2018: return of the logo and models to choose! Good morning dear friend! If there is a trend that I like crazy during this spring – summer 2018 is the one concerning the sports t-shirts with logo well in sight, maybe also because I find them in line with my style.

T-shirt trend 2018: how to wear them and the return of the 90s

The t-shirt is always a great must during summer, but this season his return winks a little at the style of the 90s. Those of my age must remember Brenda, Brendon and the whole cast of Beverly Hills 90210 in their casual looks with the tee tucked into jeans with writings and logos in evidence. And this is truly one of the favorite trends, perhaps because it brings me back a bit back in time to my fifteen wonderful and carefree years!

Sports logos such as Fila, Adidas, Champions or Robe di Kappa are among the most popular. Without mention the most famous brands like Fendi or Versace for example. The outfits worn by stars and influencers with these shirts are popular on Instagram and also popular in stores and online shops where they are flying off the shelves.

They will also be right to choose t-shirts not only logged, but also printed t-shirts, with phrases of various kinds and those with a rock taste (also this one of great return from the 90s!)

And which one do you prefer? I really like this trend and the look that I propose you today shows you. I wear a red Champion t-shirt with logo under one of my thousand beloved jackets. The context is always very casual, as I like it. What do you think about it? Do you like this trend and above all the great return of the logo, as shown by the latest runways for next season?

t-shirt trend 2018t-shirt trend 2018

t-shirt: Champion

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