Spring jacket for women: a casual outfit idea for May

by Monday, May 21, 2018

Spring jacket for women: a casual outfit idea for May. Good morning and well found on my fashion blog! I came back with an outfit post to propose my idea of a perfect outfit to wear in Spring.

Spring: one of the two seasons that I prefer together with the summer! The days get longer and the outfits are lightened! Now the air is warmer, but the sunny days are still alternated with rainy days and what is the ideal garment on these occasions? The jacket! I am a jackets lover, I own them in “industrial” quantities and I always wear them, regardless of the fashion of the moment. In today’s post I am wearing a really pretty one that I am sure you will like too!

Spring jacket for women: a casual outfit idea for May

The jacket, with its versatility, can give a touch of elegance and bon ton even to the most casual outfits. Among those that I prefer there are those with a Chanel taste. Turtleneck, made of tweed, with super chic allure that distinguishes them. I found this all by wearing this Kocca jacket from the Spring Summer 2018 collection. A beige and blue patterned jacket ideal to match my many beloved jeans. This model has a slightly long cut that would be ideal combined, for example, with a light silk dress even in view of ceremonies. We know that this is the ideal season for this kind of events, and a garment of this type always returns very useful.

The accessories that I have combined are a pair of décolleté with a 5 cm heel, my Pinko bag and a pair of Hawkers sunglasses with very stylish mirrors lens.

So dear friend now it’s up to you! How many jackets do you have in the closet? Do you like this idea of ​​outfit that I propose you today? Let me know by comments and I hope to see you at the next post! A kiss!

spring jacket for womenspring jacket for womenspring jacket for womenspring jacket for women

jacket: Kocca

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