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Round straw bag: the main trend of summer 2018!

by veryfp

Round straw bag: the main trend of summer 2018! Good morning and well found on my fashion blog! I am going back to talk about fashion and a super summer trend that reigns supreme for this summer 2018: the straw bags!

The straw bag is typical of summer and is often associated with beachwear, the classic beach bag to be clear. For this year it is seen as a real accessory for a look to wear from morning to evening. An accessory that should not be missing in the suitcase of our holidays!

Round straw bag: the main trend of summer 2018!

The straw bag, especially round, will be the right one to choose if you want to follow this trend. Medium size or larger, to be preferred with the shoulder strap. Super trendy ones with embroidered lettering like “Love” or “amore” like the one you see me wearing in the photos inside the post. Perhaps we have inherited this last trend from wide-brimmed straw hats. It started last year and it is still on top.

On Instagram straw hats and bags are the protagonists of really beautiful and inspiring shots! I couldn’t resist and during the three days spent in Puglia, in a delightful shop in the center of Ostuni, I did customize the straw hat you see often immortalized on my Instagram profile with the name of the blog embroidered!

It is understood that I love this kind of accessories, right? What do you think about it? Have you already found your straw bag, perhaps bought by taking advantage of the summer sales? I think it will be a fair purchase to make, because I think they will be all the rage for the summer 2019!

The moment has come to greet us dear friend. Leave a comment below. I will leave you with some shots and I hope to see you at the next post! Have a good week!

round straw baground straw baground straw baground straw bag

skirt: Kocca

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