Natural products by Freshly cosmetics: the best for your beauty!

by Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Natural products by Freshly cosmetics: the best for your beauty! Good morning and welcome back to my blog! Return more rested than ever with a beauty post to discover together new products of excellent quality and 100% natural for our beauty!

Yes, with today’s post I introduce you, if you do not already know, Freshly Cosmetics , a spanish company of natural cosmetics that is conquering Italy too! Their products are made with selected natural ingredients, eco-sustainable and not tested on animals.

Natural products Freshly cosmetics: Antiox Facial Plan

I had the pleasure of trying the Antiox Facial Plan facial program made up of four products that create an antioxidant beauty routine that will help you have a healthier and brighter skin. The return to the city puts us to the test: this treatment will be ideal to combat the negative effects that pollution and daily stress can have on our skin.

This treatment consists of four products:

  • micellar water: for deep cleaning with the help of a light and fresh product
  • tonic: refreshes and purifies the skin, optimally preparing it for whey and cream
  • serum: a concentrate of antioxidants that acts deeply to combat skin aging
  • cream: super moisturizing, but not greasy and pleasant on the skin. Remember that deep hydration is of primary importance to fight skin aging!

The products that I loved most were micellar water with green apple and lime tonic, a unique freshness !!!!

An advice? Products to try!!! I am very curious to also discover the body and hair lines. I am sure they will be as good as the facial treatment I have tried for weeks.

If you already know this brand leave a comment and let me know what you think. I send you a kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

natural products Freshly cosmeticsnatural products Freshly cosmeticsnatural products Freshly cosmeticsnatural products Freshly cosmetics

Freshly Cosmetics

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