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Mix and match different prints: my idea of a Spring look!

by veryfp

Mix and match different prints: my idea of a Spring look! Good morning! I begin with a question: do you like wearing clothes with particular prints or fabrics? The answer is yes for me and I often like to play by combining different prints together.

In today’s post I want to give you some tips to combine different prints, without risking to look like a clown!

Mix and match different prints: my idea of a Spring look!

First of all, we must immediately evaluate what kind of occasion we have and what style will be kept for our outfit. Usually for daytime looks, even a little less formal, are ideal for playing with different prints. We are also going towards the beautiful season, an ideal period for wearing printed clothes! According to advice, do not overdo wearing too many items in one look. The risk of making a “soup” of prints and colors is always around the corner with too many clothes on.

Now let’s move on to the prints. If you opt for floral prints it is advisable to choose them with a similar design but with different color tones. Stripes and polka dots are among the most proposed by the fashion trends of the moment and for what concerns these prints is a great choice to combine the “micro to macro”! Practical example: create a look with a micro stripe blouse paired with trousers with macro lines. Also interesting is the combination of stripes and polka dots inside the same look, I would say it must be defined a classic.

The look that I propose you today plays with the texture of the coat you see worn in the photos with pied de poule print and the lines of a part of my shoes. Yes, because the combination of prints can also be done between garments and accessories. With a little taste and inspiration, but always without exaggerating, remember that you can create very interesting outfits!

Let me know what you think of this fashion topic. I send you a kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

mix and match different printsmix and match different printslook casualmix and match different prints

coat: Kocca

sneakers: Zara

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