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Melatonin face cream: this is the innovative Mel13 line

by veryfp

Melatonin face cream: this is the innovative Mel13 line. Discovering new products and realizing that they are really valid, for the beauty of my skin is one of my favorite things. That is why I often agree to try new treatments especially for facial skin care. I am very happy and hardly mistaken.

When I was contacted by Pharmamel  to test the new innovative Mel13 product line I immediately accepted. Their products seemed to me really good and even this time I have to admit that my good instinct did not betray me !!

Melatonin face cream: this is the innovative Mel13 line

Starting from 25 years of research dedicated to the study of melatonin and cellular rejuvenation at the University of Granada in Spain, a regenerating face treatment called Mel13 is born. Among the world leaders in melatonin research, they have improved melatonin entry into the skin, regenerating it from within and making it more elastic and luminous.

Specifically, two creams have been created: Mel13, 24 hour cream with super moisturizing power that is what I have been applying for a few days and Mel13 Plus for more mature skin.

Both lines contain melatonin, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 which repairs and regenerates damaged cells, combats the signs of aging and makes the skin more toned and looking younger

The products are suitable for all skin types and have no contraindications. The cream I am applying, the Mel13, has a pleasantly creamy, but not greasy, yellow consistency that spreads easily and absorbs in a short time. Really very pleasant. Immediately leave a pleasant sensation of skin soft to the touch.

The treatment is made even more complete by using the face serum, recommended from 30 years old, and the eye contour.

Mel13 Plus cream is recommended for more mature skin.

The brand is becoming known in Italy, visit the site to discover the stores already existing in our country. Soon more will be added! You can also buy online, click here!

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