Match glitter shoes: one of the best trend for spring summer 2018!

by Monday, April 23, 2018

Match glitter shoes: one of trend for spring summer 2018! Good morning friends! Do you want to talk about trends? Today a very interesting topic in my opinion. You know how much I love to dress casual and how much I love wearing sneakers on my outfits. For this season even better if glitter!

Match glitter shoes: one of trend for spring summer 2018!

Yes, in fact wearing bright sneakers will be one of the most interesting trends in sports shoes for this spring summer 2018. This makes me happy! Always a great supporter of sneakers, I have a lot. In the today’s look my new Sweet Years are undisputed protagonists. I have combined it in the way that I love. I chose to wear a blazer among my favorite of the moment with Prince of Wales print, a pair of black skinny, Matrix style glasses and a shoulder bag. This is my style, the one in which I feel really comfortable!

What I propose today is a look suitable for spring, but I can already imagine my new comfortable and stylish snekers worn with a decidedly more summer dress or a short one.

The important thing is to keep in mind that you are wearing a pair of shoes that will be noticed, then combine them with a fairly simple look, to avoid the “to much” effect. Remember a small rule that is always valid: with glitter it is easy to exaggerate so keep control, do not abound and risk to shine with your own light!

Let’s go back to us dear friend, do you like the idea of ​​look that I propose to you today? Leave a comment and let me know if you love to wear this kind of footwear! I send you a kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

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match glitter shoesmatch glitter shoesmatch glitter shoesmatch glitter shoes

shoes: Sweet Years

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