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Long lasting gel nail polish: I tried the new colors by Kargi!

by veryfp

Long lasting gel nail polish: I tried the new colors by Kargi! Good morning friend and well found on my blog! Today’s post dedicated to my great beauty passion. Let’s talk about nail polishes!

I like to always try new brands in terms of glazes. I love to change the color of my nails often, but at the same time I am looking for good quality products that have a long life.

Long lasting gel nail polish: I tried Kargi, here is my experience!

I had the pleasure of trying Kargi nail polishes. A beautiful reality, an all-Italian brand that has been able to create a quality product (their products are completely hypoallergenic, paraben-free and petroleum-free and made in full compliance with current regulations) accessible to everyone.

Kargi Gel Cream was a pleasant discovery. I am talking about long lasting gel nail polish that I am still wearing. The choice of colors that is truly vast and beautiful, its duration is really good! After a week of application, the color is still bright and without chipping.

The friends of Kargi confirm that the secret of this is the correct application of the product.

First of all procede to clean the brush on one side from the excess of the product; once the color has been applied to the nail, allow it to dry well and apply the transparent gloss that will be essential to obtain the gel effect and keep the color bright for a long time.

I guarantee you that everything works fine, I have personally tried it!

In addition to the 4 colors received which you can see in the photos, I received two types of gloss: a glossy effect and a matt effect. Simply fabulous!

Dear friend I leave you the link to visit Kargi web site where you can know much more about the brand and choose the colors that you like most. Try them and let me know what you think!

I send you a kiss and I will wait for you at the next post!

long lasting gel nail polishlong lasting gel nail polish


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