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How to wear pink stripes: bare shoulders top for a June look!

by veryfp

How to wear pink stripes: bare shoulders top for a June look! Well found on my fashion blog dear friend! Do you like stripes? In summer the lstripes are always a great trend, characteristic of the summer season.

But I like them even more if the stripes are of one of my favorite colors: pink!

How to wear pink stripes: summer trend 2018!

The stripes, the marine style are timeless styles for this summer 2018. I have always been a great fun of this kind of look. For today’s outfit, I chose to wear a top with vertical stripes in shades of pink, a color that I love and that I wear willingly as soon as I can.

But let’s remember a little bit about the macro rules on how to best wear the stripes:

  • the vertical stripes are to be preferred, help to slim the figure.
  • if you wear a striped shirt matched with a plain-colored trousers or skirt (or vice versa)
  • for a more chic look choose thin lines, for a more casual look wide lines

These are the three basic rules to follow for those who want to wear a striped garment.

I would say that the look that I propose today I was pretty good and I followed the main rules to the letter. The stripes of the top are vertical, not too thin because it is a casual outfit and I have paired a simple white trousers.

If you are brunette or latina, the choice of pink stripes are more than right. The pink is good to all, but to those who have dark hair even more.

Do you like this trend? Do you like wearing stripes? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I send you a big kiss, I will wait here on the blog for the next post!

how to wear pink stripeshow to wear pink stripeshow to wear pink stripes

top: Kocca

bag: Pomikaki

watch: Timex

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