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How to wear a faux fur vest: my idea for a winter look!

by veryfp

How to wear a faux fur vest: my idea for a winter look! Good morning! Today I want to show you a look where I wear a versatile and fashionable piece of clothing: the faux fur gilet!

This type of vest, in the big time from a couple of winter seasons, is really interesting to wear in a variety ways. Do you remember that I had proposed a look even a few weeks ago? Apart from the fact that it makes our looks even warmer and more enveloping, these gilets can be combined with other outerwear for a super fashion effect!

How to wear a faux fur vest: my idea for a winter look!

The way I prefer to wear faux fur vests is what you see in the photos I propose to you today. As you can see I wear a leather jacket under my vest. But as I said it is a good idea to combine it with a warm sweater knit wool for the milder days, or even above a quilt, but in this case pay attention to the effect “stuffed sandwich”. But the fact remains that this kind of waistcoat can give to an outfit the right touch of fashion also in winter. Do you like? For me it is yes! Now I leave you with my look. Let me know what do you think about in the comments and let me know how do you like to wear the faux fur gilet! A kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!
how to wear a faux fur vest
how to wear a faux fur vestgilet ecopellicciahow to wear a faux fur vest


bag: Pinko

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