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How to make good makeup: Fenty Beauty products for a perfect make-up!

by veryfp

How to make a good makeup: Fenty Beauty products for a perfect make-up! Good morning dear friend! Here we are again on the blog with a post about make up!

I am trying in these days some new products by Fenty Beauty, brand designed by the star Rihanna, which are a fluid foundation and three stick correctors also perfect to create a counturing ad hoc!

How to make a good makeup: Fenty Beauty products for a perfect make-up!

Make up is one of my great passions and I like it to be well done using quality products. The Fenty Beauty fluid foundation I am using is perfect for my needs. Having mixed skin has the right consistency that does not weight too much my skin and spreads in a precise and uniform way. Obviously I picked the tone like the color of my skin.

But to avoid a make-up with a flat result that does not emphasize the characters of our face that should be enhanced, counturing gives us a great help.

How to achieve a well done counturing and also in a short time? Here are some tips for you!

Once the foundation has been spread out evenly, takes two or three sticks of darker and lighter shades compared to the base makeup like the ones you can see in the photos.

Locate areas to create lights and shadows to enhance the right facial features.

Apply the darker-colored stick to the contours of the face such as the contours of the forehead, the sides of the nose, the sides of the cheeks and under the cheekbone.

Instead, apply the clearest stick where you have to give light and brightness on the center of the forehead, center of the nose and cheekbones.

Then fades well with help of a special brush to achieve an effect more natural as possible avoiding leaving evident spots.

The Fenty Beauty sticks that I am using have a slight bright shade and this makes the make-up result even brighter. Moreover they have a creamy consistency that spreads very easily.

Simple steps and above all the right products and the game is made dear friend! I send you a kiss and I will wait for you at the next post!

how to make good makeuphow to make good makeup

make up Fenty Beauty

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