come vestirsi quando fa freddo

How to dress when it’s cold: a warm look for February!

by veryfp

How to dress when it’s cold: a warm look for February!  Good morning! In these last days I live with the hope of being able to start soon to show you lighter and spring-like looks. Instead time is not allied to me and then here is an idea of outfit for these cold days of February.

How to dress when it’s cold: a warm look for February! 

The teddy bear coat is still one of my loyal companions in these days. In these photos it is the absolute protagonist accompanied by equally warm and trendy accessories. I cannot miss wearing hats, especially when it’s cold. In fact I chose a warm wool cap that goes perfectly with the look.

At the feet a boot that you have already seen in the post where I tell you about my weekend in Cortina. I do not want to repeat myself, but to say that they are warm and comfortable seems to me reductive. They are the ideal shoe for cold days to spend in the snow.

Dear friend we like to be warm and comfortable, but always chic, even in our daily outfits. Fashion helps us by proposing so many right clothes for this type of needs, you just need to know how to combine them. In addition there are also many little tricks to be warm in winter by dressing trendy. One of all, very simple: dress in layers! The cardigan is always fashionable in winter! Overlapped with shirts and turtlenecks will help to wrap and warm up with a super fashion result!

After this pearl of wisdom, I leave you to the photos of my look. I want to suggest an excellent solution to dress during a cold day in February. Let me know what you think about! As always I am looking forward to hear your opinion and take this opportunity to send you a big hug, see you soon!

how to dress when it's coldhow to dress when it's coldcome vestire quando fa freddoveronica vannini

cappotto teddy bear: Dixie

scarponcino: Manas

cappello: Molly Bracken

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