homemade manicure

Homemade manicure: how I make it daily!

by veryfp

Homemade manicure: how I make it daily! Good morning! Today a post and a video of beauty theme! I will tell you how I make my daily manicure!

Homemade manicure: how I make it daily!

A while ago, in a comment on the blog’s YouTube channel I received a request regarding a video that tells how I make my manicure at home. Finally I was able to prepare it and today I propose you by showing you the simple steps to keep my hands tidy and well looked. Obviously we do not talk about professional treatments as if I went to the beautician, but I use products that keep my hands and nails in good condition. As I tell you in the video, I do not have fabulous hands. I have long fingers, but not very tapered and the nails are a little squared. I like a simple, one-color and not too elaborate manicure. Also because I love to change color of nail polish often and therefore I rarely choose permanent manicure. I will show you the rest in the video you can find below. You will also find links to the products you see in the movie. I am open to tips and tricks from you dear friend, tell me your homemade manicure!

hand cream: Kiko

nail polish: Essie

nourishing nail and cuticles oil: Pupa

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