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Healthy and shiny hair: it is really possible with any care

by veryfp

Healthy and shiny hair: it is really possible with any care. Hair has always been an icon of beauty and style to which most women dedicate care and attention. It is undeniable that having silky and shiny hair can make us gain some more self-esteem, whether our hairstyle requires a long hair like Rapunzel, or showing a short or “transgressive” look.

But how to have perfect hair that makes us feel really good ourselves? Beyond the personal style of each of us, there are small tips that should be kept in mind to obtain shine, volume, strength, body and obviously a healthy skin. Let’s see someone together.

Take a loot to the label, the products are not all the same

As we walk around shelves full of hair products, we can often feel confused by the vastness of choice. Several tens of packs that promise miracles but they appear the same. How to choose? We must not be fooled by the story of the price, more expensive does not necessarily mean better, but give a look more to the ingredients used, remembering that these are marked according to the amount quantity in the product.

We avoid those that contain surfactants that weigh down and ruin the hair. Keep an eye also to preservatives such as parabens or Dmdm hydantoin which can affect in hair loss. In addition, in some shampoos for oily hair it is possible to find salt, which can causes the skin’s tingling, stimulating it over time to produce even more sebum, thus worsening the situation.

A gentle wash

After choosing shampoo and conditioner, it’s time to wash your hair. At this stage one of the most common mistakes is to wash the hair with hot water, especially in winter. High temperatures can damage the scalp, so better wash them with warm water. Another factor that we must always keep in mind is that wet hair is much weaker than dry hair, so we avoid brushing it hard in the shower, rather we melt the knots before or after.

Star hairstyles … but with moderation

Many of us like to play with their hair and often change their hairstyle to change their style, especially those who have long hair like me often want to style them in many different ways. Braids and chignon, however, can stress the hair excessively, so they must be worn in moderation, without subjecting your skin to continuous drafts and friction. The same applies to all semi-permanent treatments such as extensions. If for one evening we want to lengthen our hair we can opt for some strands to apply through clips, like the OxY extension. Finally you have to pay attention to plates and phon, the first would be to avoid using them as far as possible, in the second case instead it is better to opt for an ion device, which does not just evaporate the water but break its molecule allowing this to penetrate the hair, hydrating it.

Let’s sit down at the table with taste and awareness

Attention and good products help up only a certain extent, if we want perfect hair it is important to integrate a healthy diet in our daily life. Choose products with a high content of vitamin A, C, D and E, such as peaches, spinach, carrots and peppers.

healthy and shiny hair


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