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Glossy skin: what is the most suitable make-up?

by veryfp

Glossy skin: what is the most suitable make-up? Have you ever had all the makeup ruined due to the glossy and greasy skin? I am afraid that, unfortunately, many women have found in a situation like this at least once in their life, especially during summer when the air is hot and the humidity causes our skin to be sticky. Which is the cause of this problem?

It all depends by the overproduction of sebaceous oil: the oily skin produces excess sebum that settles on the surface giving the skin that typical glossy appearance. The consequences of such a situation are also the appearance of acne and other seborrheic disorders or inflammations. Today I will tell you which are the specific treatments for this type of skin and how to make a matte make-up.

How to treat glossy skin?

First of all you should know that oily and greasy skin should be cleansed every day. That’s why cleansing your face is so important for those who suffer of this problem. Steam, for example, is ideal for dilating pores and allows a very deep cleaning. Natural treatments based on apple and lemon vinegar are also excellent due to their astringent and disinfectant properties. Other natural treatments ideal for oily skin are clay, aloe, albumen and oats. As for the cream to be used daily as a base for makeup and before going to sleep, the most suitable is a matting cream with a lasting anti-glossy effect like this from Eucerin. In addition to significantly reducing the production of sebum, this type of cream also plays an important preventive action: because of its anti-bacterial and soothing properties it is able to counteract the onset of blemishes on the skin.

The make up for glossy skins

Now that you know how to treat your glossy skin, let’s see what are the most suitable products for make up on this type of skin. Starts from the foundation: it must have also opacifying properties able to limit the cutaneous sebum. Even the face powder based on rice or mineral is an excellent solution because it limits the glossy effect. Another essential product for make-up for glossy skin, especially during summer, is the sunscreen with a blur effect. I close with the mineral water spray which is another indispensable product when temperatures reach 30 degrees: it is able to refresh the skin and lower the surface temperature avoiding the formation of sweat.

As you can see, there are different treatments and make-up products useful to combat this annoying problem. What are you waiting for to put them into practice and say goodbye to the odious glossy effect?

glossy skin

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