Elegant jumpsuit: my look for an elegant evening in French Riviera

by veryfp

Elegant jumpsuit: my look for an elegant evening in French Riviera. Well found again dear friend! I told you in the previous post my little trip to the French Riviera, three days of relaxation between Nice and Montecarlo.

Between sun, swimming pool, walks along the promenade and in the old city, were not missed typical warm summer evenings at dinner in the local restaurants. Those right occasions to show off looks a little more chic and elegant that we like and that we do not always have the opportunity to wear.

Elegant jumpsuit: my look for an elegant evening in Nice

The look that I propose you today is just one of these. I chose a striped jumpsuit by Kocca that I find really beautiful and ideal for this kind occasions. The light fabric, the wide leg and with roches on the shoulder-length sleeves. I love the colorful striped print and I find it perfect for summer looks. I love the suits, which are more elegant or sporty to wear during the day, I always wear them with pleasure.

The ideal location for these photos was the private pool of the apartment that hosted us, at sunset, one of the most beautiful moments of the day.

You know we are in the period of ceremonies dear friend. Do you think that this suit could be perfect even for this occasion? For me it is a big yes! Do you like it? Do you wear them often or not? Maybe these hot summer evenings could be the right time to start.

Meanwhile, I leave you with some shots of my look and do not forget to visit the site of Kocca where you can find many other interesting items to choose from. As always, I await comments and opinions! I send you a big kiss!

elegant jumpsuit

elegant jumpsuitelegant jumpsuitelegant jumpsuit

jumpsuit: Kocca

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