dr jart ceramidin

Dr. Jart + ceramidin: for a more toned and super hydrated skin!

by veryfp

Dr. Jart + ceramidin: for a more toned and super hydrated skin! Good morning dear friend! Do you want to discover with me a super hydrated line that will help us to have a more toned and youthful facial skin? If so, continue reading this post to understand what I am talking about!

Dr.Jart+ has renewed its Ceramidin (click and find out more) line and today I am talking about the iconic products I am using! Ceramides and essential oils that compose it create a mix for the perfect hydration of the skin giving life to these excellent products.

Dr. Jart + ceramidin: for a more toned and super hydrated skin!

This cosmetic line has as its goal the deep hydration of the skin and is perfect to use at any time of year.

During these days I am trying some products and I find it interesting to share with you.

First of all Ceramidin Liquid, it is basically a fluid lotion that serves to prepare the skin making it softer, nourished and ready to receive the treatments to follow. Definitely pleasant on the skin.

Cream is the product that we can apply after the fluid. Its consistency is rich, just a little quantity of product to apply on the face. It spreads well and also being very intense, its creaminess does not create that annoying greasy effect that some excessively rich creams could leave. Consider that having mixed skin and applying the right dose of product, it is easily absorbed without weighing down the skin at all. It is absolutely perfect for those suffering from important skin dehydration. Hydrates, protects and soothes. To intensify the effect of the cream there is also a related serum.

But one of the things I like the most is the Facial Mask, practical and effective face mask in fabric. An intense and super moisturizing treatment to be done from time to time to complete the objective of the Ceramidin line.

What to say more? If your skin needs deep hydration, perhaps this is the cosmetic line for you!

dr jart ceramidin

dr jart ceramidindr jart ceramidin

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin

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