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Customize a look: accessories are the protagonists!

by veryfp

Customize a look: accessories are the protagonists! Good morning and well found on my blog! Let’s start the week with a post where I talk about accessories. How to customize our outfit thanks with small details to makes the difference.

You know that my looks are never too loaded of accessories. My motto is “less is more”. As I often repeat, the accessories must be chosen carefully, with care, based on the garments to wear and the type of occasion we have to participate. So we talk about details that will really make the difference, if worn in the right way.

Customize a look: accessories are the protagonists!

Take for example a very simple look, the most classic of cases: little black dress. Do you want to wear it for an evening? Choose a décolleté with heel, a particular clutch, maybe a shiny bracelet and a pair of matching earrings and you will be perfect. Do you want to wear it for the day? Sneakers at the feet, bag with shoulder strap, trendy watch (the 80s models are back in fashion!) Matrix sunglasses model and you will be perfect!

The look that I propose you today is simple. I wear a black coat, a sweater and a pair of black skinny. How did I decide to enrich it? I chose a black fedora hat, my new Casio watch, a Morellato necklace, a pair of slip on, mirror glasses and my Pinko bag! Although I would have preferred to put back the coat on these days, I like the look I created and I find it perfect to live my busy days.

Which is the accessory I think remains top to characterize a look? The bag! They are my passion and I find them fundamental in an outfit! And in your opinion which one or which accessories you can not give up? Let me know by leaving a comment. I send you a kiss and I hope to see you at the next post!

customize a lookcustomize a lookcustomize a look

watch and necklace chosen from Kronoshop

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