cura dei capi delicati

Care for delicate clothes: instructions for use!

by veryfp

Care for delicate clothes: instructions for use! Good morning dear friend! Today a useful post for those like me has a small problem with some garments of the closet. I refer to those beautiful and wonderful garments that are made with delicate fabrics, to be gently treated

Care for delicate clothes: instructions for use!

I’m talking about silk shirts, maybe even embroidered ones, of sweaters with applied sequins, of jackets and wool coats  or in woven fabrics. In short, all those beautiful applications that then we have the fear of washing and ironing at home! The risk is to ruin irremediably our favorite garments, which may have cost us so many money and we are forced to take to the laundry to avoid damage.

How to iron delicate fabrics

As a good fashion blogger, but also as a good housewife, I have the solution. And I want to share it with you. The secret is always to use the right means, and I have found what is suitable for my needs.

What did I find out? The iron from Philips and I guarantee you that a new world has opened up for me when it comes to ironing at home. Already the brand is a guarantee, but this type of iron is truly exceptional and I’ll explain why. It is perfect for all fabrics, especially for the most delicate, has a practical and comfortable grip, is very light and you can take it on the go. Once the tank is full, it heats up and is immediately ready for use. In a moment you revive your delicate garments and for those who have always counted minutes like me, I assure you that it is truly a dream that becomes reality.

A new ally in the house promoted with flying colours. I hope the post come back useful and I suggest you to try it and then let me know what you think about. I send you a big kiss, see you at the next post!

care for delicate clothes

care for delicate clothes


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