Bomber jacket 2018: fashion trend for next spring season!

by Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bomber jacket 2018: fashion trend for next spring season! Good morning dear friend! Today we are talking about a jacket that has returned to the spotlight and that does not seem to leave us even for this 2018! I’m talking about the bomber jacket!

I don’t mind, the bomber has marked the 90 years of my adolescence and I always liked wearing this jacket. From several seasons this trend has entered in the designers ideas and low cost brands that have reinterpreted it in many different ways.

Bomber jacket 2018: fashion trend for next spring season!

Revised and corrected cuts, over or less abundant sizes, fabrics and prints of all kinds and for all tastes. If you are a lover of the bomber jacket you will surely find the model that suits you.

I found many that made my heart beat. The last thunderbolt was for this model of Lariga. I immediately like it because looks like a real jacket. The volume is wide, but not exaggerated, the length is abundant right below the hips and the print is a truly timeless micro pie de poule. It is a garment in the winter collection, but it will be perfect even in spring because its consistency is not too heavy.

A model like this is certainly very versatile and suitable for sporty outfits or not. The combination with jeans is always my favorite, perhaps because it takes me back in time to the outings with friends and to the carefree of the past!

But now enough with memories, it is time to wear this garment and interpret it as we like. I made some shots to propose my idea of ​​look and as always I hope you like it. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this timeless headpiece. I send you a big kiss!

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bomber: Lariga

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