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Biphasic eye makeup remover: ideal for perfectly cleansed eyes

by veryfp

Biphasic eye makeup remover: ideal for perfectly cleansed eyes. Good morning dear friend and well found on my blog. Today’s topic is about beauty and in particular I want to talk about a product that I recommend you to try: the two-phase eye makeup remover.

The biphasic make-up remover is the ideal product that can be useful to eliminate the traces of make-up and with this post I will explain why you have to try it.

Biphasic eye makeup remover: ideal for perfectly cleansed eyes

First of all, we must understand of what kind of product we are talking about. In few words, the biphasic eye make-up remover is a liquid product made up of a watery part and an oily part which, stirring the bottle, mix together giving life to a single solution that you will apply on the eyes (if you want to know also read my article on Glamour!)

It is a product that I have always used because it performs a deep but delicate cleaning.

During these days i tried the new biphasic remover Yves Rocher Pur Bleuet and I find it really a good product. It is also perfect for waterproof makeup, eliminates traces of makeup without leaving oily feeling that often, after its application, this kind of product can leave.

Cleansing of the face, the one made well I mean, is at the base and fundamental for the care and beauty of our skin. The biphasic make-up remover is the product that can make the difference and with little effort to give you a deep cleansing in just a few steps.

So, dear friend, to conclude, if you have never tried this product, I suggest you to do it and start with Yves Rocher’s Pur Bleuet biphasic eye set.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this product if you already use it. I send you a big kiss and I will wait here for the next post on my fashion blog!

biphasic eye makeup remover

Yves Rocher

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