3 cose indispensabili in spiaggia

3 essential things on the beach: ready for summer holidays?

by veryfp

3 essential things on the beach: ready for summer holidays? Good morning! Are you ready for holidays? Are you sure you have taken everything, but just everything essential for your long-awaited summer vacation on the beach?

In the frenzy of the preparations we always risk leaving something out of the suitcase, often very useful. With this post I recommend three indispensable things, useful and fashionable to take with you on the beach!

3 essential things on the beach: here’s what you do not forget in your suitcase!

Our bags are full of clothes and cosmetics to make us beautiful even during our holidays. But often we miss small things that seem trivial. I want to give you a small and quick reminder with this post.

Here are three things to take with you on vacation:

  • Colored flip-flops: accessory I would say essential for the sea that becomes the true protagonist of your beachwear. To choose colored and bright to not go unnoticed on the water’s edge
  • Sun cream and after sun: protecting the skin is a priority for our health. Yes, therefore, to a golden and safe tanning using suitable and quality products. Remember to rehydrate your skin even after exposure to the sun if you want to keep it toned and bright.
  • Straw bag: a classic on the beach! Capacious and practical, but protagonist for this summer 2018 for your looks from morning to evening. Did you read the previous post to this on my blog? There I give you some advice on how to choose it, also taking advantage of summer sales.

Did you take note my dear friend? I always have to draw up a list of things to pack every time I organize a trip otherwise I always forget something!

If you also have some useful advice for the holiday suitcases leave a comment and write it below and maybe tell me what will be your destination for the next holidays! I send you a big kiss, see you to the next post!

3 essential things on the beach3 essential things on the beach3 essential things on the beach


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