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Women’s accessories: the right ones for spring 2017!

by veryfp

Women’s accessories: the right ones  for spring 2017! Good morning friends! Today we talk about accessories, the right ones to choose from for this spring 2017!

Nel post di oggi e nelle foto che vedete indosso alcuni accessori che sono di grande tendenza per la primavera ormai alle porte! Scopriamo insieme quali sono.

In today’s post you I’m wearing some accessories that are very trendy for incoming spring! Let’s find out what they are.

Women’s accessories: the right ones for spring 2017!

  • Sunglasses: the trend takes a throwback from various iconic glasses a big return will be the model Ray-Ban Aviator. Choose the right size of the lens and proportionate to our face.
  • Necklaces: yes to the chains, even overlapping. There will be very “strong” bijoux, but also necklaces and chains minimal by stylized subjects. The necklace that I wear in these photos came from Happines Boutique. An online site where you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets really for everyone and with code veryfashionplanet you will have 10% discount on your order
  • Bags: will be well-structured and medium sized. Also enriched with applications, chains and straps. To choose with that detail that makes the difference.

Ricordate che l’accessorio fa sempre la differenza all’interno del look! Sì, lo ripeto spesso, ma è una regola da tenere sempre a mente. Inoltre non occorre esagerare! Come disse qualcuno molto più autorevole di me, prima di uscire di casa guardatevi allo specchio e togliete qualcosa! Vi mando un bacio!

Remember that the accessory makes always the difference in the look! Yes, I repeat it often, but it is a rule to keep in mind. It is also necessary not to exaggerate! As someone more knowledgeable than me said:

before you leave home…take a look in the mirror and remove something!

I send you a kiss!

women's accessoriesaccessori donnawomen's accessoriesVery's Fashion Planet

necklace: Happines Boutique (with the code veryfashionplanet 10% discount for my followers!)

sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator

bag: Dezzal

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