Woman’s watches: the accessory that speaks about you!

by Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Woman’s watches: the accessory that speaks about you! Good morning friends! With this post I come to speak of the importance of the accessories that we match our look. Also you know what I think, a few accessories, but carefully chosen. Shoes, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and … watches!

Yes, because the clock is one of those accessories that tells a lot about us. It may be more or less flashy, sporty or elegant, with leather strap or metal. In short, everyone has their own tastes and character. All of this can also reveal our watch.

Woman’s watches: the accessory that speaks about you!

For me it is now an essential accessory to wear in my looks.

My choice? Cluse a watch of choice of Orologio.it  Elegant and refined. round case with metal bracelet rose gold. Perfect for me, just love it! On Orologio.it you spoiled for choice. Visit the site and you will find many brands and many models to choose from. Excellent quality of products and service. Surely there will be the right watch for you too! We bet? I leave you with some pictures of the outfit that I propose today, do you like my new Cluse watch? To me it! I await your comments and I send you a big kiss as always!

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watch: Cluse by Orologio.it

sweater: Zara s/s 2017

pants: Blackfive

shoes: Zara f/w 2016-2017

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