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The vitamins allied of our skin

by veryfp

The vitamins allied of our skin. Vitamins are substances of great importance for our body: it is important to remember each day to make the right contribution to these, as they play essential functions for the well-being of the skin and the organ inside our body .

It is good to note that vitamins should be taken especially for the health of our body, before the skin. If it does not, it is more dangerous than small wrinkles. Said this, nutrients and foods can help the health of our skin (and our body).

Have a clean, soft skin with vitamins

First, to have a skin that is always soft and with young look, we have to give some importance to some components. First of all, there is certainly the healing function of our skin. In fact, take care from the inside, taking the right vitamins, and not just externally with products and creams. Vitamin D is one of the most important, as it is normally produced by the human body, especially with solar exposure. And here’s why it is very useful to expose it daily to sunlight so that you have healthy levels of vitamin D in our body. Obviously we can not forget that exposure to the sun always requires the use of a suitable sunscreen that can protect the skin while avoiding sunburn and skin stains. In fact, despite the benefits, we have to expose ourselves to the sun’s rays moderately and try to filter the resulting UV rays. To do so, use a sunscreen suitable for winter, such as the Lichtena line. But do not stop here, the vitamin C and vitamin E are charm to the skin. These two components play a very important antioxidant action, capable of counteracting the toxic effects of some aggressive agents in the air or ingesting through non-organic foods. In addition, vitamin E guarantees a normal moisturizing of the skin and helps keep it young and elastic.

Other minerals useful for the skin

Vitamins are not the only substance that helps our skin, there are also some minerals that are great for those who want a skin that is always toned and in shape. For example, iron, which can be found in fish, meat or even in various types of cereals. But they can also help those who want perfect skin including magnesium and zinc: both act positively on collagen secretion, one of the key ingredients for regenerating the skin. Zinc, in particular, plays an important role in skin, as it is able to combat aging and keeps the skin healthy and elastic. As for the fight against free radicals, or particularly highly reactive and toxic molecular species for the body, it should be noted that it is good to increase the intake of certain minerals such as selenium and copper. The latter help to reduce wrinkles and, above all, guarantee to the skin an antioxidant action by removing the signs of aging. So in what foods we can find these minerals and vitamins? First of all, dried fruits like nuts, or even green leafy vegetables, without forgetting fish and meat. In short, a healthy and balanced nutrition in the macronutrient level already helps a lot. By following this information, it is definitely possible to get a significantly better skin. That is why before using special formulations or supplements, it is good to consider changing the diet appropriately can actually allow you to take vitamins and minerals enough.

the vitamins

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