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Slip-on shoes: worn in winter!

by veryfp

Slip-on shoes: worn in winter! Good morning friends. Who loves slip on shoes raise your hand! Ok, I can not see you, but I think you’re a lot and I join you. Today I’m wearing a pair that’s perfect for the winter.

In fact this kind of footwear is often designed for midseason or summer looks. My slip on by Angarde are perfect even for winter temperatures and I’ll tell you why 🙂

Slip-on shoes: worn in winter!

Apart from the fact that they are made of suede and lined inside, they have a very warm extractable insole that keeps your feet very warm! I have worn them during my weekend at Cortina where the snow has just appeared and the temperatures are below zero. I chose them in black suede with the glitter tip, to give that glamour touch that does not hurt. I find them simply delicious and I think that you will see them at my feet often in this winter 2018! The slip on shoes are very trendy and do not seem to give up remaining for several seasons on top in summer and winter. Now let me know if you like the model I chose and what you think about. I send you a big kiss!

slip on shoesslip on shoesscarpe slip on donna

sneakers: Angarde

leggings: Calzedonia

bag: Pinko

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