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Natural cosmetics Yves Rocher: new skin brightness!

by veryfp

Natural cosmetics Yves Rocher: new skin brightness! Good morning friends! Beauty topic for the today’s post…we are going to talk about face beauty! A few days ago on Instagram Stories I talked to you about some new face products that I use, today I introduce you one at a time. Let’s begin!

The products I talk about today are of a brand that I have never used before. Let’s talk about Yves Rocher Elixir Jeunesse line made up of 93% natural ingredients! Its main ingredient is the super-concentrated detox extract of Aphloia, a plant originally from Madagascar. This extract helps the skin to maintain its integrity and brightness.

Natural cosmetics Yves Rocher: new skin brightness!

But let’s see specifically what I’ve tried:

  • Detoxifying Flash Mask: The first impression I had when I applied this mask was of great freshness as all throughout the line I will talk about today. The mask is colorless, left in pose for 10 minutes and then removed with a damp with tepid water. The first impression was good. The skin remains soft and the feeling of freshness is very pleasant. The purpose of the mask is to help the skin deeper to oxygenate deeper. I am applying it once a week.
  • Restructuring Day Treatment: The face cream is a cream-gel – excellent for my mixed skin. Again, I am talking about a product that gives a feeling of absolute freshness. For this reason I find this line perfect to use during the summer season! I apply little product to avoid the feeling of “sticky” that sometimes cream-gel can leave if used in excess quantities. It folds well and leaves the skin very soft. Great base for makeup. The purpose of the cream is to detoxify the skin and reduce the signs of time.
  • Night Cream Treatment: Even in this case we talk about a cream-gel consistency. I apply little product in the evening before going to bed after having facial cleansing. The cream works by reducing the wrinkles and the detoxified skin will be brighter just from the first application.
  • Roll-on Eye Contour: I love this product. It is very practical! Thanks to its applicator with three spheres that, in addition to spreading the product, create a small massage that re-activates the micro circulation and helps to reduce the dark circles! I love it!!! I’ve also talked about it in this YouTube video!

So friends I can tell you that this natural cosmetics Yves Rocher line is pleasing to me and that I especially recommend it to those who have mixed skin like me. In addition to the effectiveness of the products they have excellent quality / price. Find out more on the Yves Rocher website! I send you a big kiss!

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