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Natural cosmetics: Nuva 1950

by veryfp

Natural Cosmetics: Nuva 1950 Good morning friends! Today I am talking about beauty and especially regarding facial skin.

You know how important is the skin care of the face to keep it moisturized, bright and to fight the first signs of time. After 35 years (like me!) it becomes fundamental!

Natural Cosmetics: Nuva 1950

It is well known that I love to try always new beauty products. Better if they are natural! I discovered a very interesting brand, Nuva 1950. High quality Italian products, all of natural origin made with plant active ingredients, essential oils, mineral vitamins and selected raw materials.

Two are the products I’m applying these days:

  • Serum Face Lifting: With a clean face, apply as usual gently tapping with small gestures. It has a light, colorless consistency and absorbs it immediately. The serum has a deeper action than the cream and matched with it enhances the result. It will give a fresher and brighter look to your face. The small wrinkles will soften and the skin will look younger and more toned immediately. I personally apply it in the morning, but it can be used even in the evening.
  • Triple Face Cream Action: after absorbing the serum apply the face cream, in my specific case to normal and mixed skins. The cream is fluid, non-greasy, of white color, with a delicate, pleasing scent. Even once it is stretched it absorbs in no time. Just a small amount. It will optimally complete the action of the previously applied serum. It helps to smooth and tone the skin of the face, making it after constant use of relaxed, uniform and luminous.

I recommend you to visit the Nuva 1950 website where you can find a lots of information on the wide range of products that it offers, their composition and discover the closest beauty consultant! My experience is very positive friends! Try and let me know, a great kiss!

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