Labo cosmetics: new radiance to your face!

by Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Labo cosmetics: new radiance to your face! Good morning friends! Today I speak of make up and some of the new line products from Labo Luxury Collection!

Labo cosmetics: new radiance to your face!

I tried a few products from this innovative makeup line enriched of six of hyaluronic acid Fillerina patent. The continued filler action took on the face will give new radiance and firmness to the skin. Let’s see specifically what I tried:

  • The illuminating concealer fluid: fluid and light, applies in seconds with the super practical applicator! Perfect to enhance facial points lights and correct minor imperfections. The line includes three correctors from natural shades and three technical. I chose the orange color, to neutralise the dark spots and I found it perfect for my needs. You can also choose other corrective nuance: from green for the redness, rosacea, and purple for dull complexion.
  • Lipstick brilliant stylus: with a soft and creamy texture, I like it! It is very pleasant and has good durability. The color I chose is the 223, a brilliant ruby ​​red and sophisticated.
  • The strobing palette: two words to describe it: absolutely fabulous! A palette in a unique combination of three color for a soft and radiant effect for all skin types. Just follow the instructions that you find inside the package and the result will be faultless. Thanks to a mix of light and shadows in some areas of the face the result will be very natural!

So girls we are talking about a make up line innovative and sophisticated! Quality products for a younger and brighter look for each day enclosed in an elegant packaging! To try!!! I send you all a big kiss !!


Labo Luxury Collection

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