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Hip Hop Watches and Bebe Vio: #SERIALDREAMERS

by veryfp

Hip Hop Watches and Bebe Vio: #SERIALDREAMERS. Good morning friends! Today I want to talk you about a beautiful project promoted by Hip Hop Watches that this time sees as protagonist a stunning Bebe Vio, its joy of living and the ability to believe in dreams, always!

#SERIALDREAMERS: The Hip Hop Watches Project

#SERIALDREAMERS is the initiative on its third chapter, which promotes the ability to believe in dreams. After Luca Tommassini and Gianmarco Tamberi, who better than Bebe Vio can teach us how important is to believe in what we want to do and what we want. From a few weeks ago from the first position on the Paralympic World Championships in the individual foil, gold at the Paralympics of Rio 2016, his scream of joy and enthusiasm for reaching her dream went to history!

Her overwhelming personality, tenacity, and the fact that she never give up to the challenges to achieving its goals have let she to be the ideal testimonial of the Serial Dreamers project.

In her life she has already achieved many goals, but many other dreams are to be achieved. She likes to collect them in a list called To Dream List. Who does not have a list of dreams and goals to reach?

Bebe Vio tells her dreams on the web site dedicated to the #serialdreamers initiative, and until December 15th on   will be possible to write and send your TO DREAM LIST to participate to the contest and win a Hip Hop Metal designed by Bebe Vio and a Dream Card of 1,000 € to realize your dreams!

Yes, because Bebe, besides being a great athlete, is also a graphic designer and for this initiative she has made two watches, one white and one black, with the inevitable written Dream Strong.

Okay, today I want to share with you my Dream List and I encourage you to do the same and participate to the contest:

Veronica’s Dream List:

  • Make my family happy and peaceful every day
  • Create my personal capsule collection
  • Write a book
  • Do regular sports and eat healthy

That’s all for now! Dear friends I’m looking forward to receive your list! A big kiss!



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