Favorite beauty products of the moment: the video!

by Friday, November 10, 2017

Favorite beauty products of the moment: the video! Good morning and well back with a post about beauty, one of my favorite topics!

In today’s post and in on my YouTube video I’ll tell you about four products I’ve been using for a few weeks and that I really liked.and

Favorite beauty products of the moment: the video!

Amici nel video vi racconto molto di più e spero che vi torni utile. Aiutatemi a far crescere il canale YouTube, mettete un like ed iscrivetevi! Vi mando un grande bacio!

The first product is the Nivea micellar water, make up remover all in one! I found it a good product with good quality and nice price. With little product he make up is removed well, even when we talk about eye makeup that is usually the most “difficult” to take away.

Another product that I liked is the Yves Rochers eye contour of the Elixir Jeunesse line, the line with 93% of natural ingredients. I found great its  roll-on apps and tell you why in the video below!

Third product, eyebrow pencil MAC! Awesome, finally a pencil that does his job well and perfectly covers my bare right eyebrow scar.

Fourth produced is a new Flormar lipstick. Great consistency, creamy, polished to the right and long lasting point! The color is the DC35 Starry Rose, a nude color perfect for every situation, from morning to evening. Super approved! I will also soon speak to other products of this brand new make up.

Friends in the video I tell you a lot more and I hope you get back to it. Help me grow the YouTube channel, make it like a sign and subscribe! I send you a big kiss!

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