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Facial cream: how to apply it!

by veryfp

Facial cream: how to apply it! Good morning friends! Today beauty theme! I give you some tips on how to use the product for the treatment of facial skin. Specifically, I talk about how to apply facial cream, serum and eye!

Gestures seems trivial, but it is not so obvious. We use product for our skin, in the specific case of the face, how to be applied correctly, with the right gestures. This will help the product to act even more properly. Here’s how! And if you want to see the practice you can see a new video on the bottom of the post !!!!

Facial cream: how to apply it!


One of my first jobs was working in a well know perfume shops in my area. I did a lot of training courses regarding the various products from the cosmetic companies and each of these was always stressed the importance of how to properly apply the products used for our skin. Here are some simple steps that can amplify the benefits of your beauty routine:

  • Eye area: with your fingers go to tap the product (a little!) around the eye, remaining distant from the center. We must apply with slight gestures under the eyebrow arch and above the cheekbone. Let it absorb before applying make up.
  • Serum: This product is not always used. It is often used after thirty years, like myself who passed them from a while 🙂 It’s a product that acts more deeply into the skin and boosts the effect of face cream. Also for this must be applied in small quantity, tapping on the cheekbones, the wrinkles of the forehead, chin and neck. Let’s absorb before applying face cream.
  • Facial cream: it should be extended and not emulsified!!! It should be applied with delicate gestures up on the cheeks and cheekbones, horizontally on the forehead, under the nose and from chin to your chest and neck. Let it absorb well a couple of minutes before applying your makeup.

Last advice! Always choose good products for the face and remember two fundamental factors:

  • Your skin type dry, combination or oily
  • Your age (do not buy the wrinkle at twenty to fifty…otherwise you would need a scaffold!)

facial cremecura della pellefacial creme

for the eyes: Clinique

serum: Labo

face creme: Vichy

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