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Being glamorous for the new year: the style of the brand’s used clothing

by veryfp

Being glamorous for the new year: the style of the brand’s used clothing. New Year new life! And so is for our wardrobe. For us passionate about style and new trends, the new year at the door is the right opportunity to take a look at catalogs and online stores. The perfect tool to make a change to your outfit, to dare a little and to gift yourself a new item of clothing and an unmissable accessory.

Here are suggestions and tips to prepare you better at the end of the year and for a 2018 with a unique style.

Return to work with style, but saving on primary brands

With the end of the holidays, coming up at work with a professional look and above all glamour is a good choice that shows personality and character. One of the classic garments and suitable for the work context remains the business suit without a doubt, the feminine equivalent of the men’s dress, elegant, but at the same time comfortable and minimal.

Choosing a new business suit is not difficult and it is always a good option to turn to the great fashion names and the quality offered by the most prestigious brands. A possible operation without spending too much money, thanks to the existence of market-place dedicated to used clothing where you can buy branded and second-hand garments saving considerably. A wide choice at attractive prices on used brand’s clothing and glamour for the new year is on Private Griffe, a portal for the sale of luxury second-hand that I discovered browsing online while looking for something exclusive.

Among my models of favorite business suits on sale on the marketplace there are those by Gucci, perfect for their versatility, typical of the design of the most famous Italian brand, available with pants or skirt. However, PrivateGriffe’s brands catalogs are not limited to clothing, but are also enriched with many accessories to complete the suit and give more light to your outfit.

  • Elegant shoes. I adore them and they are certainly unmissable for formal occasions. The models with heels, more or less high, are always a good choice, depending of what you want to give to your silhouette, but also according to the day to be tackled
  • The blazer. Useful for breaking the look of the entire suit with a comfortable garment and a more casual look, it is ideal if colored or made with abstract patterns that make the outfit perfect even for informal events
  • The bag. It is very useful to make your style less strict at work, but above all it is an indispensable element for us women. Personally I recommend the most compact and small models like the Louis Vuitton handbags, the most glamorous, timeless and always fashionable logo

Out of work and with friends: casual sweater, but with style

For a coffee with a friend, or a quiet evening at home watching a movie in good company, no garment is more suitable for winter fashion than a nice sweater. Why not inaugurate the new year with a fascinating sweater, signed by the most prestigious fashion names?

The choice is really wide, from the models with a young and whimsical look in the classic colors of red, blue and green, to more sober beige shades. The options for a perfectly fashionable second-hand sweater are really a lot. I recommend the always appealing models from brands with the typical braided form. Better still if you are aiming at cashmere, the highest quality material for comfortable and perfect garments to keep warm even during the coldest winter evenings.

In the wide selection of used designer clothing you can also find exclusive vintage collections with sweaters for combinations of all types. The latest trend is to combine them to a pair of leggings or to leather ankle boots, but I like to think out of the box and for this reason even jeans can give to your outfit a casual but yet attractive taste.

Embellish the look with glamorous jewelry and accessories

Versatile and always perfect for any occasion, jewels are a timeless must-have for all lovers of the fashion world. In fact new jewelry necklaces and rings will be the best allies of my 2018 look.

In gold or silver, adorned with diamonds and precious stones, the bijoux is an accessory that never gets old. By saving on the second hand you can buy easily and at advantageous prices, not only used brand’s clothing, but also second-hand jewelry suitable for all contexts, with the most striking colored gems or the most sober silver suitable for everyday work.

These and many other ideas will prepare you for the incoming year with the quality of the big names in the fashion world, taking advantage of the offers brand’s used garments for a rich, comfortable and perfect outfit, for all of your occasion.

being glamorous for the new year

being glamorous for the new year

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