Pointy decollete: how to wear them

by Friday, May 20, 2016

Pointy decollete: how to wear it. You know that I love the flat and sneakers, but sometimes I like to wear a pair of high heels.

Yes girls, even I willingly yield and today we talk about high heels!

Pointy decollete: ideas to wear it!

This is their real protagonist year! The pointy decollete, loved and hated by many are back! Considered not really very comfortable, but we need to acknowledge that they are among the most feminine shoes ever! They are capable of making even the most chic ripped jeans, a dream with the skirts and are refined in suits and palazzo pants! I’ll close this week with an inspiration post on how to wear this super-stylish model of shoes with some ideas selected from the web! Enjoy the show!

puntaVery's Fashion PlanetVery's Fashion PlanetpuntaVery's Fashion Planet

in the first photo: Giovanni Fabiani shoes

images taken from Google

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