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Pink flamingos: a pleasant invasion of birds!

by veryfp

Pink flamingos: a pleasant invasion of birds! A pleasant invasion of pink flamingos has now arrived from a while in our closet!

Prints and drawings wherever these elegant and beautiful pink birds that have literally conquered!

Pink flamingos: trends summer 2016!

We find them everywhere: on clothes, on t-shirts, on shoes or bags! The flamingos have invaded our pools (see on Instagram and not only the several photos of inflatable pink flamingos floating blessed in the water !!) But why we like them so much?

  • It’s a perfect print for the summer;
  • It’s a delicate printing, also the flamingo is an elegant elegant and of a color that appeals to many, the pink.

These flamingos have conquered me too, and I propose a gallery of inspiration taken from Pinterest that concerns this sweet pet bird! Enjoy the show!


Image by Pinterst Lemon Stripes

harper bazar

Image by Pinterst Harper Bazar


Image by Pinterst Choies


Image by Pinterst Champagneista


Image by Pinterst A Southern Drawl


Image by Pinterst


Image by Pinterst Krystin Lee


Image by Pinterst Sugar & Cloth


Image by Pinterst Catch My Party

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