My daily makeup!

by Friday, April 15, 2016

My daily makeup! We just talked about how to best clean our face a few posts ago, but today we talk about make-up and I want to share with you my daily make up …

… a very simple make up perfect for everyday. These are the simple steps that I follow.

Makeup: my daily routine.

I makeup everyday, or nearly so, and I like to make a very natural makeup. I apply a good foundation to even out the color of my skin and trying to enhance the look. I have small eyes and short lashes, so I try to give depth to the eye with the help of an eye liner and a good mascara.  The basic steps are:

  • Apply a good moisturizer as a make-up base and let absorb well.  Then I begin to apply concealer on all imperfections (dark circles, pimples, etc …)
  • Foundation. I use a liquid foundation color closest to the color of my skin and I apply it very well by a latex sponge moistened up under the neck. The foundation can be fluid or compact, chose according to the needs of your skin.
  • To compact and remove the shiny effect on the “T” area I apply a compact lightweight transparent powder with slight gestures with the help of a brush.
  • The eyebrows are very important and needs to be well defined, but in a natural way. Use a pencil of the same tone of eyebrows with a toothbrush at the opposite end, it helps me to “comb through and stretch” with the color of the pencil. I have a scar that cuts my right eyebrow and for me this is a critical step in my makeup routine.
  • Eyeshadow. I use a palette of eyeshadow tones that start from neutral nude to the dark brown. Under the eyebrows use the lighter shades to give brightness to the eye, while on the crease of the upper eyelid  one bit of good dark eye shadow that gives depth to the eye.
  • To zoom  the eye I draw a thin line of black eye liner on the upper  lashes and I apply a good mascara to enhance the look.
  • To highlight the cheekbones I use a hint of blush on the upper part of the cheeks.
  • I apply often the lipstick. I love the neutral tones, but sometimes a nice red lipstick gives a bit of panache at the daily make up!

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