Make up for brunettes: some tips!

by veryfp

Make up for brunettes: some tips! Topic of the day: make up for brunettes, or for people like me is brown with brown eyes!

Which are the color of eye shadow and lipstick right for brunettes? Let’s find out together!

Make up for brunettes: some tips!

For the eyes: first of all follow a good “eye makeup tutorials with the advice of make up artist of Maybelline” would help us to understand what kind of makeup is right for our eyes! Based on the color and size of our eyes, big or small! One thing is certain: if you are brunettes choose eye shadows from “hot” color, such as shades of light brown and bronzed.

One of the key words to keep in mind when it comes to eye makeup of the brunettes is “intensify the look”. So say yes to the smokey eyes with dark eye shadow and bold color but well shaded. Yes to eyeliner or black pencil drawing to make a thin line on the upper eyelid.

Lips: choose pink tones, especially hot. Excellent choice also is red with orange tones. The nude for the day will be perfect, will define your mouth naturally. And for the evening use a beautiful red!

The nude: a rule applies to all, blonde, brunette and brown, that is, choose a similar foundation as possible to the color of your skin. It will serve to make the complexion more uniform and hide minor imperfections.

The blush: a little goes at the top of the cheekbones in shades ranging from pale pink to more bronzed color, but do not overdo with it and blending well with the brush.

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