Legs epilation: which is the right method for you?

by Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Legs epilation: which is the right method for you? Legs epilation, a subject that concerns all of us, especially now that the summer is coming and our legs will be more nude…

The different methods are mainly four and everyone can choice the best. We find out what they are and how they work examining the pros and cons.

  • Hot or cold waxing: both are among the most common and most effective methods. Enough painful in both cases, but with longer results. But the hot wax is not recommended for those who have sensitive skin and fragile capillaries, as in my case! The difference? Hot wax better dilates the pores and the hair comes out more easily, with cold wax need more any tears.
  • Depilatory cream: one of the methods that we prefer because absolutely painless. You apply a good layer of cream on the area to be treated, wait a few minutes and remove the product with the help of a spatula usually included in the package. Then rinse thoroughly the treated parts. Before using your depilatory cream an the whole leg (there are many on the market and suitable for all skin types!) try it in a small area to be sure that it is right for your skin.
  • Shaver: practical and fast, especially when used in the shower after having softened the skin well by hot water and shaving foam. Absolutely painless, but be careful because the regrowth is practically around the corner !! In addition, the hair will grow back thicker and hard.
  • Electric shaver: it is a razor that pulls out the hairs and the duration is similar to waxing, therefore quite durable. I use this method and it takes a bit of time, it is not fast as the normal razor because the electric must be passed slowly on the leg to take well the hair and tear it. The cons? A little bit of pain and hair under the skin that are created after a few days of hair removal that I eliminate with the help of a scrub and a shower mitt.

These are the classic used methods. Which is your preferred method? Whatever I recommend you to always use plenty of moisturizer after the epilation!

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Ho parlato di questo argomento anche in uno dei miei post come #beautyreporter per Glamour!

I talked about this subject at one of my posts as #beautyreporter for Glamour!

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