Labo Crexy Ciglia Serum: a new beauty ally!

by Friday, April 8, 2016

Labo Crexy Ciglia Serum: a new beauty ally! My little “anger” has always been to have a few short lashes, so I’m always looking for products that help me to improve their strength and volume …

… So when I had the chance to try Crexy Ciglia Serum by Labo I have been thrilled!

Labo Crexy Ciglia Serum: what is it?

It’s a transparent serum without scent that is applied to the base of the upper arch of eyelashes like an eye-liner with the convenient brush. It dries in an instant and must be applied in the evening to eye thorough cleansing. Crexy Ciglia Serum by Labo, thanks to its formula that works on the bulbs and the hair follicles, promotes growth of the eyelashes by applying it constantly for about 6-8 weeks.

My opinion.

10+, and I’ll explain why: I use it for less than six weeks, but already after ten days my eyelashes are more robust and resistant. I noticed especially by applying the mascara: after one pass the lashes are already perfect, but before using the eyelash serum had to spend several times of mascara to intensify the effect. It is also practical to use, a quick little gesture every night to get good results in a few weeks. Strenght eyelashes, thick and resistant! Yes, I found the right product for my eyelashes and I recommend it to you too !!!

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 Crexy Ciglia Serum Labo

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    April 9, 2016

    Looks great !

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