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Keep your tan: help from nature!

by veryfp

Keep your tan: help from nature! During these summer holidays we pleasantly enjoy the sun deserving an enviable tan, but how to keep it also on return from holiday?

 There are many great products that help to prolong your tan, but there are also many natural methods!

Keep your tan: natural methods

I have collected for you a small list of simple and practical natural remedies to maintain our tanned skin longer. Here they are:

  • Carrot oil: apply to wet skin after showering helps to keep the tan and prepares the skin to sun exposure to future;
  • Black tea: bathing in black tea helps to immediately intensify the color of our tan;
  • Walnut: we speak practically a natural dye and using products to walnut husk, soaps type for the shower, will help to maintain the tan;
  • Nutrition: It is always very important to prefer fruits and vegetables from yellow-orange and red fruits;
  • Always drink lots of water !!!!!

I hope these little tips will be helpful, a big kiss and good tan !!

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