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Hair Trend 2016: colors and cuts

by veryfp

Hair Trend 2016: colors and cuts. Many trends for our hair during 2016, warm, brown color with a thousand shades, blonde of any intensity and the red that is the real new of the year or rather the cherry bombre ….

… That is a perfect color for who has dark hair which consists in a sort of shatush from various shades of red, from cherry red to darker.

Hair Trend 2016: short or long, but natural!

Whether you choose a short cut or want to keep your hair long, the keyword will be natural! Central line in hair and moved with soft waves for long and if you love the fringe ok, but it must have to be full and abundant. Even the average cuts, middle lengths, will be trendy and if you choose the short one remember it must be very short !! Braids and chignons are the real trends in hairstyles that leave the face clear and collect neatly hair. So for the next spring summer season we’ll have a choice for everyone in terms of hair! As you can see from the first picture I just started some experiments on my hair and have you already chosen the color and the right cut for you? Let me know! Let’s have a good Monday!

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