Hair color 2017: choose the right one for you!

by Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hair color 2017: choose the right one for you! The hair have a fundamental importance for women.

Cuts, hairstyles and hair color (about hair dyes Garnier offers a wide range of excellent quality!) Chose with care and remember some key features of our face because once applied can be quite disappointing. I have always dark brown hair and light skin, long time ago I decided to make me blonde! Huge mistake, we say that the blond is not for me. At that time I realized that the blond might not be my color, but give a chance to other nuances and this 2017 brings us many ideas for the color of our hair.

Hair Color 2017: the trends!

  • The brown will be the colors that more than others have very interesting solutions.
  • Copper shades will be the top choice but on the wave there’s the cherry bombre, that I personally experienced. It consists of a base from where they leave a dark brown shades of more or less intense red especially towards the ends. I love it!

But if you want to try something super trendy choose the pink !! Better if accompanied by light blond shades, you’ll be super trendy with this in 2017!

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