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Facial cleansing: my evening beauty routine.

by veryfp

Facial cleansing: my evening beauty routine. A fundamental step for facial care and for our skin is evening face cleansing, especially for who likes make-up…

remember that is very important to remove make-up every night to keep our skin care!!

Facial cleansing: the basic steps

Facial cleansing is a every night pleasant routine. Today I share with you my beauty evening routine. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Remove eyes make-up: it is the first thing I do. I use a bi-phase make-up remover, I find that his oily consistency remove all traces of makeup from the eyes better. With a cotton pad soaked in the product start from the nose and proceed outward slowly but with slight pressure to pull off eyeliner and mascara. I repeat the gesture until the complete make-up is removed.
  • Washing the face: the products are suitable for all types of skin, cleansing milk, mousse nettoyante by massage and rinse. I use a creamy cleanser that I apply on wet face and I massage in circular motions for a while. Then I rinse well with plenty of water, never too hot !!
  • Tone: after having wiped my face very well, I used to tap my skin with a tonic cotton pad that gives a wonderful sense of freshness.

Another advice for you is to do a monthly facial scrub for a more intensive cleaning and to take away more impurities accumulated by make up, smog etc …

These practical every day actions helps our skin to stay fresh, glowing and youthful for longer!

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