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Face creams: how to choose the right one for you!

by veryfp

Face creams: how to choose the right one for you! How nice it would have always young face when I was twenty! But the reality is another so the years pass and the only thing we have to do is to try to preserve skin on our face from the ravages of time !!

 Face creams: the advice to choose the right one for you!

I usually apply a good face cream in the morning and in the evening, essential for maintaining youthful and elastic skin, but first we have to understand what type of skin we have:

  • Oily skin: produces much sebum, it is polished and easy to serve non-fat cream, light texture, that “dry” skin as gels or fluids that are perfect!
  • Dry skin: tends to crack, it blushes easily so we can try a rich creams, for deep hydration.
  • Combination skin: central area of the face is usually oilier and drier on the contours. We need creamy consistencies, but not too rich!

Now that you understand well what kind of skin you have is good to think of the age! Since young girls, when they begin to use the first makeup, it should apply a good moisturizing base. After 35 it is good to hydrate but also to help the skin to fight and mitigate the very first wrinkle with a little more dedicated cream against the first signs of aging. Nearly 50 it is important to act with wrinkle creams by a deeper action. With these little tips you are ready to find of the ideal cream for your face!

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