Pied de poule culotte for a spring look

by Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pied de poule culotte for a spring look. Good morning to everyone! Finally the warm air are really coming and the look that I wear now is perfect for these spring’s days…

… We’re in the middle of this spring 2016 and our look is slowly adjusting to the hot weather! Hooray !!!

Ped de poule culotte and a cotton sweater for my spring look

Today I wear cullotte with a micro print pied de poule and a right heaviness cotton sweater perfect for spring’s days. Wearing a pair of slip on the metal tip very comfortable and my Pomikaki bag that really suits to every type of look, super comfortable! I leave you with some photos of this look. I’m looking for your comments !!!! A big kiss !!!

Very's Fashion PlanetVery's Fashion PlanetVery's Fashion PlanetVery's Fashion Planet

sweater: Zara

culotte: Max Mara

bag: Pomikaki

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