Preppy style

by Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Preppy style. The preppy look provides an elegant clothing, created mostly from a few combinations of color, bon ton trends …

It is a way of dressing that reminds the idea of college style, shirt and cotton or wool pull. It’s a style simple and basic in general, I really like it. Any idea to create your ideal preppy look? Here for you some inspiration taken from the web! Enjoy the show!

stile preppypreppy

stile preppystile preppystile preppystile preppypreppypreppypreppyImages are taken from Pinterest

I wear:

coat: Sisley

sweater,shirt and pants: Zara

Cappotti inverno 2016: arriva il freddo e la moda ci aiuta!

Culottes a vita alta ed una felpa calda!

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